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Kate graduated from Victoria University with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences in 2014. Kate has been working in a family clinic in Melbourne and teaching Clinical Skills and Anatomy at Victoria University and Southern School of Natural Therapies for the last 6 years and is so excited to be continuing her work up here. 

Kate is currently working with the teaching team at Southern Cross University as a clinician with the student Osteopaths, and continues to connect with students all over Australia teaching Clinical Skills and Anatomy online. Now, Kate is so excited to be returning to clinical work and connecting with her new community here.

Kate has two small boys that keep her on her toes! Becoming a mother has enhanced and inspired her passion for Women’s Health and treatment of the family unit in her clinical career. She especially loves working with women as their bodies change during pregnancy. Her main goal is to empower women on their journey to labour, ensuring their bodies are moving well and that they may birth from a place of present calm, feeling confident in their abilities. She then focuses on reconnection with diaphragm, pelvic floor and posture after labour. From sleeping to carrying to feeding, Kate is dedicated to providing families with treatment and handy tools for a caring and enjoyable transition to life with a newborn. 

Kate also has a special interest in treating kids, from infancy to adolescence. She has a keen eye for assessing and supporting the needs of the growing bodies, hearts and minds of young people. She has completed numerous postgraduate courses specialising in assessment and treatment of the developmental stages of growth in the early years and has extensive experience treating many childhood conditions.

Despite her current passion for the mums and bubs of the family, Kate works with a wide range of ages, stages and backgrounds. She designs treatment and rehabilitation programs based on your individual lifestyle needs and constraints to get you back in action as quickly as possible. 

Kate’s treatment style consists of a combination of strong, direct soft tissue release, joint manipulation, articulation as well as gentle, indirect release of tissues related to osteopathy in the cranial field. She works with your body to ascertain the type of treatment that suits your system and condition each time you come in. Kate also believes education plays a massive role in your health outcomes so if you have any questions about your condition, she's always here to discuss it with you.

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