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Betty is an experienced Osteopath with a wide range of clinical skills. She uses an artful combination of direct and gentle techniques in her hands-on approach. While she treats all types of people in her practice, Betty has a special focus on Women’s Health and perinatal issues, dance injuries, chronic pain management and headaches. She sees the patient as a whole person —  body, mind and spirit.  She aims to help her patients understand a specific diagnosis and its effect on the person as a whole, through the relationships of biomechanics, body systems and more.

Betty graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Bioscience and a Masters of Osteopathic Medicine from the University of Western Sydney in 2003. She has completed numerous postgraduate short courses over the years, with a special focus on the Biodynamic Cranial approach to Osteopathy. In 2015, she gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Anatomy from the Australian School of Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University. Betty has further training in Internal Pelvic Assessment and Treatment of women and people assigned female at birth. She is currently the only registered Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner in the Northern Rivers. Betty is an osteopathic Clinical Supervisor and Teacher at Southern Cross University.

For 15 years, she worked at the well-regarded Sydney clinic, Balmain Osteopaths, where she treated a diverse range of patients from elite physical and musical performers to office workers, children and the elderly. She relocated to Armidale and worked in a rural clinic and then settled here, in the Northern Rivers in 2020.

Betty has trained in multiple styles of dance and has a close understanding of the demands placed on the body tuned for performance. She has maintained a physical yoga practice for decades and is a Vipassana meditation practitioner. Her involvement in the arts, the LGBTIQ community sector and creative practices inform her philosophy of Health, as well as her deep relationship with Nature and a commitment to Trauma-Informed care.

She is competent in acute pain management as well as helping people to dig deeper to find a profound experience of healing and integration.

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