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Cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation is an ancient practice that has been used to enhance facial beauty for over 4,000 years. It involves the insertion of very fine needles that are used to stimulate blood flow, to facilitate the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to facial cells, to tighten and lift facial musculature, and to promote the production of collagen and elastin. Cosmetic acupuncture facilitates the repair and regeneration of skin cells and balances the skin's natural moisturisation levels.



Acupuncture for cosmetic facial rejuvenation is a safe, natural, and effective treatment which also works to correct and address underlying imbalances that contribute to the signs of ageing. A full-body health treatment without the use of toxic chemicals or harsh abrasives. Revitalisation from within for beautiful results for years to come.

What it treats

A series of 12-15 facial rejuvenation treatments can:

  • Eliminate fine lines and reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles
  • Firm and lift sagging areas – jaw, eyelids, mouth
  • Brighten the eyes and reduce undereye bags and dark circles
  • Reduce the appearance of scars and age spots
  • Eliminate puffiness by improving fluid metabolism
  • Balance hormones to enhance complexion and to improve acne
  • Brighten the face by increasing blood flow and Qi production
  • Improve muscle tone to lift and sculpt the face
  • Reduce facial tension – temples, jaw, forehead
  • Balance skin’s natural moisture levels
  • Increase oxygen delivery to the skin to facilitate cellular regeneration
  • Increase blood, Qi, and lymph circulation in the face to improve the complexion and to eliminate toxins
  • Promote overall health and wellbeing
  • Enhance natural radiance and beauty from within for real and lasting results

What to expect

While a single session will brighten and enhance facial glow, relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation, please note that it takes 6 weeks for collagen production to commence. So, for lasting results a program of 12-15 sessions is recommended, with single touch-up sessions every 3 months. The effects of cosmetic acupuncture are cumulative, with improvements visible for years to come.

The initial consultation is conducted to assess and discuss your individual requirements. Treatments are then personalised and tailored to best address your specific areas of concern.

The process begins with the application of vitamin C-rich Rosehip oil to the face and neck, followed by a gentle and relaxing facial massage using smooth rose quartz crystals; an ancient Chinese technique known as ‘Guasha’.  This pleasurable process involves the gentle stimulation of meridians and acupoints to relieve facial tension, increase Qi and blood flow, drain fluid accumulation, and to lift and sculpt the face. This is followed by a hot towel facial steam.

Body acupuncture is then applied to address underlying imbalances, and to promote your overall health and vitality. This health treatment is followed by facial acupuncture using very fine, specialised needles that are placed according to your specific requirements. Needles are retained for 15 minutes while you relax.

Finally, you will enjoy a cooling ‘dermal roller’ made from genuine rose quartz or Jade crystals to close the pores, cool the face and to further stimulate Qi and blood flow.


Essential information for your first consultation

Many people find the process of facial rejuvenation relaxing and enjoyable and often report an increased sense of wellbeing. To gain optimum results a recommended course of 12-15 weekly sessions is recommended. After this initial series it is recommended to have a touch-up treatment every 1-3 months.

With maintenance, the effects of facial rejuvenation can last for years and a fresh program may be commenced after 1-3 years or at any stage to address the signs of aging and to further revitalise and enhance your facial beauty.

Please arrive with a clean, makeup-free face. Makeup remover wipes are available in the clinic if necessary.

There is no down-time. Clients are free to resume their day as desired. Makeup may be reapplied if necessary

For programs, sessions need to be done weekly to maximise effects.


Side effects and contraindications

While there are no significant side effects to cosmetic acupuncture, occasionally minor bruising can occur. It is also possible to have some redness immediately after a treatment which generally fades within a few hours. Cosmetic acupuncture can commence at any age, and, unlike more invasive therapies, there is no down-time after a treatment, meaning that you are free to apply makeup and resume your day as desired.

Cosmetic acupuncture may counteract the effects of Botox. It will be necessary to avoid areas of the face that have had Botox in the last 3 months. Cosmetic acupuncture can still target other areas of the face that are free from Botox by working more on a superficial skin level, missing the muscle level.

If you have had facial laser or a peel recently, the skin may be too sensitive for cosmetic acupuncture

It is recommended that Cosmetic acupuncture be avoided in pregnancy, or if you are suffering from a headache or migraine on the day of treatment.

Please avoid antiinflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen) for 10 days prior to your session. This is to avoid the risk of significant facial bruising.

Cosmetic acupuncture is to be avoided if the facial skin is broken or weeping due to dermatitis or eczema etc, or during the presence of a cold sore.


Pricing Packages

Initial Consult and Treatment (1.5 hours) $180 - Price reduces to $165 with purchase or 10 or more treatments

Follow up Sessions (1 hour) $165 - Price reduces to $150 with purchase of 10 or more treatments

*Please note  - Facial Rejuvenation is a complete health treatment, so Health Fund Rebates are available!