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Evelyn is dedicated to supporting her clients in the pursuit of recovering zest for life, regulating the nervous system and promoting balance.
Evelyn holds a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies from The Australian Shiatsu College and is a certified practitioner in multiple modalities including Abdominal Organ Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang), Qi Gong, Breathing and Meditation. She is an experienced shiatsu therapist, bodyworker facilitator of yoga and meditation.

Her relationship with mindbody therapy and her enthusiasm working with the vitalic and emotional centre of the body- the “second brain”, enteric nervous system, abdomen, organs and mental digestive function - comes from many years of creating space for students, clients and self to unlock deeper tensions, begin the process of releasing traumas and generate more ease in the day to day.

Evelyn personalises her treatments to meet each individual’s needs and presenting circumstance. She integrates multiple eastern modalities employing various techniques that work with both the dense and subtle layers of being.

A combination of abdominal bodywork and shiatsu therapy is the primary treatment and may include the following complimentary techniques:
Acupoint palpation
Qi gong and breathing as a take home practice